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Alexandre Gauzzi
  • Psychologist / Psychotherapist 
  • Coach
  • Acupuncturist 
  • Spiral Stabilization Therapist 
My personal and professional journey
The Beginning


When I was 4, I took my first steps in martial arts, luckily my teacher did not teach me only the physical part of it but also the philosophy and beauty behind it and so I had my first contact with the ideas of complementary opposites and kinetic balance. I started to learn the interconnection between emotional balance and body balance, mental strength and physical strength, focus and resilience, and the general effects of personal beliefs.

Of course, at that time I did not know these names and could not understand these concepts at all, however they were already becoming part of me.

Since the beginning I was curious, an explorer. I wandered on and off trails, in the middle of forests, as well as in books, films and documentaries, seeking to learn more about everything. Therefore, I always tried to have as many different perspectives as possible on everything, one was never enough. Furthermore, I would not be satisfied with just one aspect of life, I needed all of them. Theory and practice, I needed to experience and understand the physical realm, the mental, the emotional and the espiritual too.

Learning is, for sure, one of my greatest passions.

My development 


It pained me to see suffering of any kind, physical or mental, people or animals. All suffering disturbed me so much that I decided to help reduce it as much as I could. 

At 17 I took my first course towards my life purpose, a course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and then one about Enneagram (a study of personalities). After that I continued taking several courses until I got to psychology.

I started my Psychology and Life Coaching practice in 2011. I was delighted to see my patients thriving and developing into better versions of themselves, more adapted, stronger, more balanced, healthier and therefore happier. Becoming more resilient and even antifragile as their treatment unfolded

I was thrilled and fulfilled, but I wanted to do more for them, offer more, increase my reach. So I added acupuncture to my scope, and then herbal medicine. These new additions proved to be highly effective and contributed a lot to a faster development.

Studying tensegrity and muscle fascias I learned about Spiral Stabilization therapy and in 2021 I decided to incorporate it into my practice because this method is based on exercises so simple and so gentle that anyone can do it and its results are amazing.

A lot of people already know that the mind affects the body but not as many know that the body affects the mind. We might think of them as two separate entities but in the end, they are just two sides of the same coin. Just two aspects of the same being.

With that in mind is easier to understand that changes in the body affect the mind and the way we experience things.

And for real, the less pain, the easier it is to be happier.

Every time I see a person becoming a better version of themselves I am amazed, and if I have helped in this process I feel as if I am fulfilling my life mission.

So I believe this is my life mission:

“To help people become better versions of themselves”.

In addition to all of that, on my days off, long rides or walks in nature with breaks to photograph the beauties of the way.

Now you know a little bit more about me.

Kindest regards,

Alexandre Gauzzi

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