We are the creators of our lives, we are the artists

Our background, our history, what happened to us, What was done to us, what was given to us, all that is our raw material.

That is what we use to create our art, to create our lives.

But we should not focus on the raw material itself, our focus should lay on our art.

Know your raw material, focus on your art.

Do not compare your raw material with someone else's, accept yours and be grateful for it.

Use your energy to develop your artist skills and improve your art.

Work on your skills, on your ability to transform that raw material into something beautiful.

Unskilled artists can not create beauty even if their raw material is gold. On the other hand, great artists can create beauty with anything, even trash.

It does not matter how bad your raw material seems.

The only thing that matters is:

How beautiful is the art you create with it.

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